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Laura Bordeaux, ASID, is regularly featured in many publications and is sought after by editors for her knowledge in the field of interior design.  Her experience leads medical and dental practitioners in designing an interior that grows their practice.
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Fulfilling a dental office design vision and creating a dream space
By Laura Bordeaux-Muscaro- ASID, MS, Project and Construction Management for FX Design Inc.
December 2020

This orthodontist couple knew exactly what they wanted in their new office space, and they found the team that could fulfill their vision in FX Dental Design. Find out how their area was transformed from blah to beauty. 
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  What Will Future Dental & Medical Interiors Look Like for a Safe and Healthy Environment
By Laura Bordeaux-Muscaro- ASID, MS, Project and Construction Management for FX Design Inc.
May 2020
Check-in CountersCheck-in Counters
When transitioning from virtual check-ins to interactive check-ins, consider inserting 6’ flooring finish changes to create social distancing. This will allow once person at a time to approach the desk
Check-in CountersTo protect your employees, FX Design can select unique plexiglass products that blend with the interiors.

Waiting Areas
Once waiting areas reopen, FX Design can re-plan your waiting room layout to maintain proper socialWaiting Areas distancing. If waiting seating is ganged together, then to separate these chairs, an installer must remove the connecting bracket under each chair to create individual chairs. This many not be possible for chairs that share a single armrest! An individual seat chair could be separated by turning every other chair to the wall so no one can sit in it.

FX Design can reupholster your existing furniture with bleach cleanable textiles, such as Crypton for any areas that require regular disinfecting or sterilizing.

Staff Kitchens, Labs & Sterilization Rooms
First and foremost, install hand sanitizer stands at entries and exits. Limit the num-ber of staff entering at any given time, as these rooms are typically close quarters.

Sanitary Surfaces

FX Design can specify hygienic perfor-mance materials for countertops that are non-porous solid surfaces, which are resistant to bacteria and fungi and are easily cleanable to adhere to a strict daily cleaning regimens. Type II wallcovering for common corridors & high traffic areas so that disinfectant and bleach can be utilized, is another way to promote healthy environments.

Brushing StationBrushing Stations
Brushing stations are being utilized as hand hygiene stations for the time being. Notice the floor insert which guides patients with social distancing. FX Design can select unique textured barri-ers in lieu of the bulky temporary plastic bar-riers we see in retail outlets.

An innovative way to direct traffic or create 6 ft distancing is to insert colored flooring finishes to define wayfinding pathways instead of placing tape on flooring.

FX Design, Inc. can provide consulting services to analyze how to adjust your current practice to meet the social distancing
requirements.  Abobe PDF icon Download article

Design Your Dental / Medical Office Without Costly Mistakes
By Laura Bordeaux, ASID FX Dental & Medical Interiors Design Specialist
September 2017

Are you building a new dental office or upgrading an existing one? Here’s the comprehensive, cost-effective way to do it, using successful strategies design professionals have developed over years of dental-medical experience.  Abobe PDF icon Download article
 Dentistry iQ
Creating a peaceful, comfortable ortho practice, and reducing patient anxiety
By Laura Bordeaux, ASID FX Dental & Medical Interiors Design Specialist
September 2014

Are you seeking a design team that will create an inviting, new, and highly productive operation, while bringing the outdoors inside your thriving orthodontic practice? Dr. Adam Daniels, DDS, MS, owner of Connecticut Valley Orthodontics, wanted a fresh, new office that represented his personality.  Read more Dentistry iQ
Ample Treatment,
These small medical practices illustrate exact design
for specific services—each in a unique environment.

By Kerry O’Leary,
The Magazine of the American Society of Interior Designers
Sep/Oct 2008
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Design Flash: Covenant to Care

By Laura Bordeaux
September 2005

The ASID Connecticut Chapter’s community service project enabled a local charity to better meet the needs of neglected children.
Creating a cost effective Medical or Dental Practice 
Dental Economics

Dental & Medical practitioners can provide their
patients with a cost effective healing environment, by hiring an ASID Interior Designer.  This was the case when Laura Bordeaux, ASID, an Interior Designer for FX Design Inc. in Glastonbury, CT.