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Creating a cost effective Medical or Dental Practice 
Dental Economics

Dental & Medical practitioners can provide their patients with a cost effective healing environment, by hiring an ASID Interior Designer.

This was the case when Laura Bordeaux, ASID, an Interior Designer for FX Design Inc. in Glastonbury, CT accessed Evidence Based Knowledge, which defines the human response to color and healing, to create a unique Dental practice for Dr. Alla Gorenbeyn.
Dr. Alla Gorenbeyn has always enjoyed world travel including visits to European dental conventions and seminars. Therefore, when she purchased an existing dental practice in Salem, CT she had a vision to change the interiors from the outdated country décor, to a modern European image. She realized she needed professional help to accomplish her goals, so she hired Laura Bordeaux, ASID to make the dream come true.

Dr. Gorenbeyn requested a fresh contemporary image for her practice that incorporate bright colors and the uniquely sculpted glass sink fixtures she purchased from her European sources. Laura wanted to ensure that the hue’s she preferred would promote a healing environment that patients would feel comfortable in, and the dental staff would enjoy.

Laura Bordeaux, ASID was aware that there is a human response to color and healing. Evidence-Based Knowledge research, funded by ASID, defines how wall color in a healthcare settings, may provide an easy low cost strategy to creating a healing environment. Pastel greens reduce stress and have a calming effect, creating a sense of serenity. While pastel oranges provide a feeling of alertness and warmth. With this in mind, she set out to optimize each patient’s experience by developing three sherbet inspired dental suites.

With these specific parameters, Laura realized she needed to establish a neutral that would create a visual bridge between the bright hues of each operatory room, and the common areas such as the corridors and waiting room. Laura drew on her knowledge of design to visualize how she could create a cohesive dental practice while using three separately colored operatory rooms. First, she selected a dark cherry wood look floor to anchor all the rooms, then added whites & grays to help the eye rest between colors.

If a patient is feeling a bit anxious, they can select the cool lime green suite to reduce their stress, relax and calm their nerves. If a patient feels sad, they can choose the sunny lemon suite to brighten their day. If they are feeling chilly, they may decide on the orange suite to provide warmth and comfort.

Dr. Gorenbeyn said, “ The results are stunning! Patients are all great fans of the new office environment. Many patients state they have never seen anything similar. They enjoy their visits and look forward to coming again and again.”